Multi-Function LED Controller

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  • Brand name:QINCHUANG
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  • Brand name:QINCHUANG

3 channel, 5A maximum for each channel;

With output protecting function, it could extend the life of LED;

●Maximum 31 modes can be selected, and 256 levels of grayscale;

●Speed and brightness can be adjusted separately for each mode;

●8 levels of brightness and speed adjustment;

●Pause function is available;

Soft ON/OFF switch.



●Building Decoration: Business spaces, airports, subway;

●Indoor Decoration: Lighting and back lighting for hospital, hotel, marketplace, square, dining-room, pub and etc.;

●AD solid Word, sign and mark, signboard and billboard;

●Be used as big area back lighting source.


Change Mode Instruction  

1: Static Red

9: 7-color flicker

17: White jumping

25: White fade in, fade out

2: Static Greed

10: 6-color jumping

18: 7-color gradual change

26: RG fade in, fade out

3: Static Blue

11: 6 color flicker

19: RGB gradual change

27: RB fade in, fade out

4: Static yellow

12: RGB jumping

20: RG gradual change

28: GB fade in, fade out

5: Static purple

13: RGB flicker

21: RB gradual change

29: Red fade in, fade out

6: Static cyan

14: RG jumping

22: GB gradual change

30: Green fade in, fade out

7: Static white

15: RB jumping

23: 7-color fade in, fade out

31: Blue fade in, fade out

8: 7-color jumping

16: GB jumping

24: RGB fade in, fade out



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